Fuego Nuevo's performance at Philadelphia's "Feria del Barrio" 2008

FUEGO NUEVO is a group of people dedicated to the rescue, preservation and diffusion of ancient Mesoamerican culture. The group aims to build a strong organized structure anchored on the values of freedom and dignity for every person who has been in the need of leaving their native country and their traditional way of living. We promote a sense of awareness for the preservation and respect of the environment in the ancient traditional ways.

Currently, Fuego Nuevo is embarking in providing intensive training in several areas of the Pre-Columbian culture, focusing on pre-Hispanic dance, and the rituals associated to this. Another initiative has been the demonstration of the Mesoamerican Ballgame, a game and ritual practiced almost by every mayor civilization in Mesoamerica.

Members of the group have been able to construct and preserve the feathered costumes, shields, and regalia accompanying the dances and rituals of pre-Columbian celebrations. The Aztec Dance itself has its origins in the culture that was developed along the Mesoamerican ancient world, where dance was, without a doubt, one of the most important components of the sacred ceremonial rituals.